FAQ’s for Yoga Classes and Coaching Sessions

What do I need to wear in class?

Athletic wear that is comfortable, and you can move freely. You don’t need the most fashionable gym or yoga gear.

Can I do yoga if I am on medication?

It is best to consult with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to practice yoga.

What type of class should I start with? Beginners or level 1?

If you have never practiced yoga before and your doctor has given you permission to practice, then it a gentle class is ideal for you to begin your yoga journey. Check the timetable on the website.

I don’t have a yoga mat, what can I use instead?

If you have a rug on the floor, that is fine. A flat fitness mat would be sufficed, it is shorter than yoga mat but gives you some cushioning if you are on a hard floor. A beach towel on carpet would work too.

How often should I practice to start seeing results?

If it is your first-time practicing yoga, once a week is fine. To see results, practicing up to three times a week will significantly improve your flexibility, posture, and body shape.

I am not flexible; will yoga help me improve my flexibility?

Yes, yoga will improve your flexibility but not overnight. It will take time. The more regular practice the more your body becomes more flexible. Yoga will also improve your focus and an ability to stay calm when in a stressful situation.

Is it safe for me to do yoga while I am on my period?

It is safe to practice yoga during your period. Some poses would not be advisable like inversion poses (upside down). Modified versions of the poses are shared in all classes and you can choose which pose is safe or suitable for your during your period.

I am pregnant, can I come to the yoga classes?

Congratulations! Yes, you can come to the classes. I am a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. It is best to come after the first trimester and you have the “go ahead” from your doctor. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, some poses are not advised like abdominal strengthening, twists, inversions, and lying on your belly. Modifications are made specifically for you, so you are safe and still taking part in the class.

How do I know I am doing it right?

Yoga is NOT meant to hurt. You will experience feelings of muscles working that you might not have felt before. If you feel any “pain” that is your cue to stop! We will adjust to for your comfort. If you cannot do a pose a modified version is always included in the class

 What should I eat or drink before a yoga class?

It is always a good idea to stay hydrated before class. For best results, try not to eat anything at least 2 hours before class. If you need to eat, something light like a yogurt, fruit or nuts and seeds.

Do I need to Pre-book for classes?

All classes coaching sessions and membership bundles are available on the booking App, Glofox. When you book in, the system will send an email with the Zoom link. You will also be sent a Google Calendar invite setting a reminder 30 minutes before the class or session.

Are your classes online only?

All my classes and sessions are available live online. Replays can be viewed at your convenience from the video hub*.

*Full Yoga Catalogue and replays available on selected memberships on Glofox.

I need more help and support; do you have 1-2-1 sessions?

Yes, I have 1-month and 3-month 1-2-1 programs that will guide you to reach your ideal goals: Feeling more calm ins stressful situations. Understanding your trigger points that stress you and then you comfort eat or if your hormones are setting off emotions and binge eat on junk food. Mindset reset to move freely in your yoga practice. I will support you daily and with weekly Zoom calls to help you stay on track.

How do I pay and sign up?

You can go to the website here create an account on the online booking system. You can buy various memberships packages to suit your budget. Payment is taken via card or direct debit.

Do you do drop-in?

Not at the moment.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

A minimum of one month notice is required via email and cancellation form. If you want to immediately cancel, there is an administration fee of €50. See the cancellation form above.