• Yoga Classes Dublin Emma
    Yoga With Emma.
    Yoga helped me search for the gifts to share among all whom come to my yoga classes.
    Yoga Classes Dublin Emma
  • Yoga Classes Dublin Emma
    Ashtanga Yoga
    Vinyasa Flow
    Somatic Yoga
    Massage Body
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When you hear or read the word "Flavours", did your mouth water?
This is the same effect yoga can have on your body. It oils the tightest joints and muscles to bring freedom in all kinds of movement.

Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 1: Led Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga was beautifully complied by the Gurji K.Patthabi Jois from the age of 21 in 1948. He had commenced his yoga studies from the tender age of 12 years (1927).

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Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 2: Yoga Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga derives from the Ashtanga yoga practice. There is no set sequence. The definition of Vinyasa flow is a sequential flow of yoga poses (asanas) that synchronizes the breath with movement.

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Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 3: Private 1-2-1 coaching

This is my Signature Program of gently releasing contracted muscles caused by habits we have accumulated over the years leading to poor posture and painful joints/muscles.

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Firstly, I will share with you a quote from Anna Freud, “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. At the time, I longed to be a school teacher. I did my exams but I did not get enough points to go to college to be a teacher. Even though I did not become a school teacher, I did teach people in various guises throughout my career. In May 2011, an ordinary day turned into a life changing one. I was at my desk, working away when my boss politely called me to his office.

He had a somber look and his voice was low. He started about how the business was doing and where it wasn’t doing well. He was creating the padding for the next sentence. He said “the business will have to let go of one of your team”. I was in a team of 3 and one was being made redundant. Panic ensued within me. I left the office in tears and went to my mum’s house where my husband and mum were waiting for me. On the journey the question screaming loudly in my head “Why did this happen to me?”

I go to my mum’s house and we tried to work out what to do if my job was gone. They suggested to turn a hobby into a career. I had 7 years of ashtanga and vinyasa yoga practice under my belt. It was the perfect progression. The lesson I learned: Focus on what you already have and they will be your tools to be the best you can be. Yoga and the supportive people around me helped me search for the gifts to share among all whom come to my yoga classes.

Namaste, Emma.

Yoga Classes Dublin Emma


Classes are in various locations in South Dublin. All classes are suited for beginners and regular yoga practitioners:

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