Yoga With Flavours.

When you hear or read the word “Flavours”, did your mouth water? This is the same effect yoga can have on your body. It oils the tightest joints and muscles to bring freedom in all kinds of movement.

Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 1: Online Group Yoga Classe

Enjoy a small class where your needs are met to feel energised, relaxed and amazing. The group of people are so friendly and make everyone feel welcome and safe. I create a class on what you need on the day; everyone benefits from what we do. You also have access to the FULL yoga catalogue on the membership video hub.Click here for the full schedule.

Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 2: Private Online Coaching

Working with a coach helps you reach your goals quicker than on your own. My private coaching is tailored to you in mind and designed to reach your wellness goals of weight loss and building strength. Coping with stress, improving flexibility, to name a few. Course Modules are Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Self-Care and Accountability. For all the details, send an email with "INFO" in the Subject line to

Yoga Classes Dublin Emma

Flavour 3: Corporate Yoga Classes

Working from home or looking at a laptop can take a toll on your neck, shoulder and lower back. Taking time out from the working day is a refreshing change to improve your productivity and stretch your body using the chair or traditionally on the yoga mat.