Yoga With Flavours.

When you hear or read the word “Flavours”, did your mouth water? This is the same effect yoga can have on your body. It oils the tightest joints and muscles to bring freedom in all kinds of movement.

Flavour 1: Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga was beautifully complied by the Gurji K.Patthabi Jois from the age of 21 in 1948. He had commenced his yoga studies from the tender age of 12 years (1927). In Ashtanga Yoga there are 6 series’. The Primary Series is the most widely shared practice, all over the world. The practice begins with 5 Sun Salutations A and B, following the standing sequence, Balancing, Seated, Backbends, Inversions and Relaxation.

Click here for the entire Primary Series

Flavour 2: Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga derives from the Ashtanga yoga practice. There is no set sequence. The definition of Vinyasa flow is a sequential flow of yoga poses (asanas) that synchronizes the breath with movement. It is setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

This dynamic flow challenges the body in ways you may have never thought possible. The author of “The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga”, Srivasta Ramaswami wrote: “Just as music without proper pitch (sruti) and rhythm (laya) will not give happiness, yogasana practice without the observance of vinyasas will not give health…”

Flavour 3: Somatic Yoga

This is my Signature Program of gently releasing contracted muscles caused by habits we have accumulated over the years leading to poor posture and painful joints/muscles. Somatic yoga technique releases chronic muscular contraction by resetting the sensory motor feedback loop which is responsible for sensing and regulation of muscle length.

Repeating the movement deliberately and slowly allows the brain to learn the correct movement and the movement then becomes automatic. This is when the re-pattern of movement begins to release chronic muscle contraction allowing efficient natural movement patterns.

“Be persistent, patient and positive. Somatic exercises change to your body by teaching your brain. Your learning grows steadily and solid. You must be patient, not looking for a quick fix on your body but for a genuine lasting change in your comfort range of movement posture and general functioning.” Adapted from Somatics by Dr. Thomas Hanna Pages 95 & 97.

Classes are broken down into Modules: Upper and Lower Back Module Neck and Shoulder Module Hip and Leg Module. If you would like your own FREE Somatic Yoga handout, simply email

Flavour 4: Bespoke Yoga or Somatic Yoga classes

If the very thought of attending a yoga class with other people is making you cringe; Smile as there is a wonderful and hugely beneficial alternative. I can tailor a class on your specific needs and goals. Every body is different. I would love to hear what benefits you need and how I can offer those benefits in a fitting class just for you. Feel free to call me on +353 87 1816605